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  1. tea vincenti says:

    hello, i don’t speak a good english, have you a shoow room in Paris?

  2. Leigh Corra says:

    I bought a beautiful winter coat of yours, black wool and cashmere, sort of peacoat/military style two years ago – I bought it at a wonderful store in Birmingham, AL called Plain Clothes – now a few buttons have fallen off and I would like to replace them. I wonder if you have any extras? They are rounded tarnished brass, almost like little button mushrooms, 2 different sizes (larger on the sleeves and on the placket that attaches at the waist, and smaller ones on the collar placket and down the center closure) – I can send you a photo – can you help? I would really appreciate it –
    thank you – the coat is wonderful and my favorite! Cheers and happy holidays –

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